The Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Foundation, Inc. is pleased to offer our annual scholarship award.  The Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Association is a non-profit organization and an affiliate of the Security Traders Association. The Security Traders Association, (STA), founded in 1934, is a professional trade organization that works to improve the ethics, business standards and working environment for members who are engaged in the buying, selling and trading of securities.  With 27 affiliate organizations nationally and internationally and over 4,200 members, STA is the largest organization of its kind in the world.

Who Is Eligible for the Foundation Scholarships
Eligible candidates to be considered for the scholarship application should be undergraduates who are currently sophomore or junior business majors with a concentration in finance or economics and who are enrolled at a four-year state-sponsored or private college or university. Applicants must also be U.S. citizens. Please note repeat applications and recipients are accepted.

Requirements for applying for the Foundation Scholarships
Requirements consist of a completed application form, grade point average transcript, and school and summer addresses and telephone numbers.  Also, a 500-word essay entitled “How the securities markets affect our daily lives” is required.The scholarship committee has established the following guidelines for evaluating candidates:
1) Grade Point Average
2) Essay
3) Awards/academic honors received in and out of college
4) Extracurricular/school/athletic activities
5) Letters of reference (minimum 2)
Click Here for a Printable Application

“Thank you again for positioning me to succeed in college and beyond.  Your scholarship was extremely helpful to me during my time at school because, instead of working to make money during the school year, I focused solely on school.”

2008 Recipient

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